Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.What is CashBean?
    Cashbean is a product of P C Financial Services Private Limited (the 'Company'), which is a Non-Banking Finance Company(NBFC) registered with Reserve Bank of India(RBI), engaged in the business of providing loans.
    CashBean is a mobile and web-based platform and a cutting-edge Fintech product, has been developed and designed to make individual’s personal financial needs easier and faster.
    Our customers, to meet their financial needs, do not need to visit a branch or call anyone or make efforts but just need to apply online on our mobile App. It enables our customers to quickly get a loan within minutes without any paperwork & hurdles. Our service is aimed towards fulfilling the aspiration and dreams of millions of our customers.
  • 2.How to apply for a loan?
    Please follow the below steps to apply a loan:
    1. Install the CashBean App from Google Play Store & register an account with basic KYC details, then submit to us.
    2. We will verify and approve the loan.
    3. After the approval, add your bank account & consent to our loan agreement on CashBean App, then approved loan amount will be disbursed into your account within 5 minutes.
  • 3.On what criteria will the loan be sanctioned to me?
    The loan approval is based on the information which you submit in CashBean. Also, your credit history play a major role in approval of any loan.
  • 4.Am I eligible to get a personal loan from CashBean?
    All Indian residents, aged between 21 to 56 years old, salaried or self - employed, having a monthly source of income, are eligible for a personal loan with CashBean. However, valid PAN and address proof are mandatory.
  • 5. What is the minimum and maximum Loan Amount I can avail?
    An Indian resident can avail loans from Rs.1000/- to Rs.60000/- per request. The final amount will depend on your available credit limit which is based on your profile.
  • 6. When will I get the Loan?
    Once you fill your personal information along with KYC documents and bank account. We will verify the details and update you through SMS & Push Notification for approval. After that you need to give consent to our loan agreement and we will directly transfer the money into your bank account.
  • 7.Why I am getting "Pan Number Occupied" error message?
    If the PAN number is already associated with another CashBean account, it shows an error "PAN Number Occupied". Try to login with your previous mobile number to continue to apply a loan or you can contact us if you think that a fraudulent activity is done using your PAN details.
  • 8. Why the IFSC Code entered by me is showing as Invalid?
    It happens when a customer update an IFSC Code which doesn't belong to any branch of a bank. Enter correct IFSC code or use another bank account.
  • 9. Why the PAN number entered by me is showing as Invalid?
    It happens when customer submits an incorrect PAN Number. Try to enter a correct PAN number.
  • 10. How can I change the Bank Account Number in CashBean App?
    You can change the bank account details in CashBean app by using BANK CARD option, available under my account.
  • 11. How can I change my mobile number in the profile
    You can your share previous mobile number and alternative number along with your KYC documents (selfie,PAN Card and Address Proof) on our email id
  • 12. What is the interest charged on CashBean Loans?
    Not exceed 33% p.a .It will be shown on the application when customer applies for the loan.
  • 13. Can I cancel a Loan after applying?
    No. After the loan application is submitted, it can't be cancelled.
  • 14. Is my information secure with CashBean?
    Don't worry! Your data is safe with us. All the transactions on CashBean are secured via 256-bit SSL encryption and the data is transferred over secured connections.
  • 15. How to contact CashBean?
    Please contact us via email: or call 180 0572 8088 / 0124-603 6666(Daily 9AM-8PM, except public holidays)
  • 16. Why my loan disbursement is pending?
    Sometimes, bank faces the technical issue and takes upto 1 working day for the money to be processed into your bank account. Please write us on with your Loan id/registered Mobile number after 1 day.
  • 17. My loan status is showing "Waiting for repayment" but I haven't received the money in Bank Account?
    Usually the money reflects as soon as we disburse the amount. Please share the screenshot of your registered Bank Statement from the date when your loan gets approved along with your registered Mobile Number, Loan ID on
  • 18. What should I do if my loan is disbursed to a wrong bank account which I entered by mistake.
    While updating the bank details, you verified that you are primary account holder of your updated bank account. CashBean is not liable if the amount got disbursed in the said bank.
  • 19. I have received less amount in my bank account?
    If you opted for SuperBean membership from CashBean after loan approval, the amount will be deducted from the approved loan amount upfront. If you find that this is not the scenario, please get in touch with us on
  • 20. How can I increase my credit limit?
    There is a good chance to increase this limit by availing more loans and making timely repayments. However, this also depends on other factors like your monthly salary, credit score etc.
  • 21. Why my loan amount is not increasing even I am paying the loan amount on time?
    Your credit records will gradually accumulate according to your repayments & credit data and the loan amount will increase accordingly.
  • 22. What will happen if I don't repay on time?
    For our Flexi Personal Loan Products upto 2 months ranging from ₹ 1,000 to ₹ 60,000, you will be charged a one-time overdue charge of ₹ 10 - 300 and a per-day penalty charge of ₹ 1 - 150 for each and every instalment that is overdue. The penalty amount depends on your Loan Amount and tenure. The actual penalty charged will be available to you during your Loan application.
    0% per day(Moratorium period)
    You will automatically be ineligible for availing quicker Personal Loans of a much higher value from CashBean in the future.
    Your CIBIL score will get affected, which will affect your ability to avail loans from any bank or financial institution in the future.
    Your profile will also be updated as a defaulter with various credit rating agencies.
  • 23. Why my loan application is rejected?
    There could be many reasons like poor credit score, iincorrect KYC documents, information mismatch. It is not always or necessarily a reflection of your credit worthiness. We advice our customer to re-apply for a loan in 7 days in such cases.
  • 24. Why my verification is pending for more than 24 hours?
    In rare cases, we may require some extra time to verify your profile and need you to update the documents. If the verification is pending for more than 24 hrs, contact us at
  • 25. How can I do the e-sign?
    1. E-SIGN WITH AADHAAR : Once you click on the ‘E-Sign with Aadhaar' option, you will receive two OTPs. The first OTP will be sent to you on the registered mobile number with CashBean app via SMS instantly. If you don't get the SMS, try again after restarting the phone or you may try after some time.
    The second OTP will be sent to the mobile number & email id, linked with your Aadhaar. If you don’t receive the second OTP, please reach out UIDAI or your nearest Aadhaar center.
    2. DIGITAL SIGN WITH EMAIL & OTP : Once you click on this option, you will access agreement content page, and you will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the Mobile OTP & it means your have consent to our loan agreement.
  • 26. Why my CashBean App is not working?
    This can happen due to network issues. If everything is fine at your end, please get in touch with us on and describe your problem with screenshots & video along with your registered mobile number.
  • 27. Why quit error is showing in the application?
    Please try to uninstall the App and re-install the latest version from Google Play Store. If problem persists, contact us with error screenshots at
  • 28. Which Platform does CashBean Support?
    Currently CashBean App is only available for Android Mobile users.
  • 29. What is the amount of processing fee cashbean charges?
    Processing fee is a one-time fee charged on the loan per request due to the cost CashBean incurs on the consent of the Loan Agreement.
  • 30. What is SuperBean?
    SuperBean is a Privilege Membership of CashBean for customers who have a good credit record on our platform. You can avail this by paying the membership fee.
  • 31. What are the Benefits of SuperBean?
    SuperBean members, will get privileges as mentioned below:
    1) Discount on processing fees
    2) Exclusive coupon package
    3) Quick disbursal of the loan
    *Membership fee starts from Rs.100
  • 32. How to become SuperBean Member?
    Follow the below steps to avail this membership:
    1) Access the membership details by clicking on superbean banner.
    2) Select the Basic or Premium membership. *Fee is based on the type/duration of membership selected.
    3) Provide your consent by accepting "Terms & Conditions".
  • 33. How to cancel SuperBean membership?
    Once the SuperBean membership is purchased, it can't be cancelled.
    If your loan gets rejected twice during membership validity period, we will refund the amount of membership fees (excluding GST Charges) to your bank account.
  • 34. Where is my Referral Code?
    Your unique referral code is available in "Invite and Get Gifts" under "My Account" Section inside CashBean App.
  • 35. When will I get my referral rewards?
    To get the referral rewards, below mentioned criteria should be fulfilled :
    1) Firstly the person you referred, should be a new user and must use your referral code while signing up on CashBean.
    2) He/she should complete the profile on CashBean App. After the successful profile completion of referred person, you will get Rs.5 bonus.
    3) You will get Rs.50 bonus after the loan successful disbursement for your referred person.
  • 36. Who can be referred to get the bonus?
    You can refer the person who have never registered on CashBean App before.
  • 37. My friends have used my referral code but no bonus was credited to my account. Why?
    Ask your friends to complete their profile and apply first loan from CashBean. After successful disbursement of a loan to your friend, you will get your bonus.
  • 38. How can I view my Bonus reward?
    You can view your reward bonus under "My Account" Section inside CashBean App.
  • 39. When can I withdraw my bonus into my bank account?
    Once your bonus reach Rs.2000 in your CashBean account, you can withdraw the money directly into your bank account.
  • 40.How to repay?
    1) Go to CashBean App.
    2) Login using your Registered mobile number.
    3) Select preferred payment ways such as Razorpay, Paytm or Bank Transfer & your prefer option like wallet, debit card, UPI from different gateway.
    4) Select Bank Transfer option if you need to pay by Net-Banking.

    Important Notice: Do not transfer money into any other Private Account which are not shown on our Mobile App.
  • 41. Money got deducted from my account, but it is not showing on the CashBean App. Why?
    Usually, it takes 1-24 hrs to update your repayment status on CashBean App. However, if it is not updated after 24 hrs & still showing "Waiting for repayment" status, please share the transaction details along with payment confirmation snapshot on You may also be able to submit an appeal from "Waiting for Repayment page"
  • 42. I have paid the amount and money has been deducted from my bank account, but I got the message that transaction is failed?
    Don't worry! If money is debited from your bank account, your repayment status will be updated in 24hrs. You may write us with payment confirmation snapshot on No extra charges will be levied .
  • 43. Why my payment is debited two times? How will I get my money refunded?
    Don't worry! Please share both the payment screenshots on
  • 44. I repaid into a wrong bank account. What can I do now?
    If payment is made into other account of CashBean's customer, please share your transaction details, bank statement along with your Loan Id/registered mobile number on
    However, if you have paid to an account which doesn't belong to CashBean, we are not liable for the same. You still need to repay the amount.
  • 45. I am unable to pay on the CashBean App. Is there any other way I can repay the loan?
    No. Due to security purpose, we advice our customers to repay only through the CashBean App. If you are facing an issue while repaying your loan, contact us at or call 180 0572 8088 / 0124-603 6666(Daily 9AM-8PM, except public holidays) along with the error screenshots or call us at 0124-6036666 to talk with our customer care team.
    Important Notice: We never provide any Private Account by call or SMS to customer. Please do not repay to any private account not showed in CashBean App.
  • 46. How to Submit an Appeal?
    Go to Repayment page. Click on Submit an Appeal button. Read & fill the important details & Upload Repayment Receipt. If you upload any irrelative pictures to us. It may affect your credit score on our platform.
  • 47. What will happen to my loan repayment if I apply for Covid19 moratorium?
    Your repayment will simply be extended till a certain date that will be communicated to you, with interest accruing for the period of the moratorium as per the guidelines announced by the RBI on 27th March 2020
  • 48. If I have taken a loan after 1st march, will I be eligible for Covid19 moratorium?
    Yes, you would be eligible for moratorium if you have applied the loan after 1st March.
  • 49. Will I get Covid19 moratorium automatically?
    No. You need to apply for the moratorium . Please check the following 2 options
    1)You simply need to send us a mail on with your 3 months latest bank statements and also your loan ID and registered mobile number mentioned in the mail.
    2)When CashBean exclusive call you ,please share your concerns with them and they will help you to open the access on CashBean application-Appeal.You can apply follow the easy steps by your self.
  • 50. Will interest be charged for the deferment period?
    As per the RBI guidelines, interest shall continue to be accrue on the outstanding portion of the CashBean loan during the moratorium period.
  • 51. Will I get charged for the overdue charges for the Covid19 moratorium period?
    No overdue charges will be applicable for the moratorium period till May 31st, 2020
  • 52. I got the mail from CashBean that I have been granted Covid19 moratorium, but my repayment date is not updated in the app?
    Due to large number of moratorium applications, it will take minimum time of 24 hours to update your repayment date in your CashBean App.
  • 53. Will my CIBIL history get impacted during Covid19 period?
    No. Your CIBIL history will not get impacted for the deferment period as this is authorized by the Reserve Bank of India.